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Government Announces New Measures to Combat Pandemic

Gergely Gulyás, Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office, announced today three new measures to combat the rapidly-increasing spread of the Coronavirus pandemic in Hungary, in coordination with recommendations from the government’s operational body, doctors, experts, and the National Public Health Center.

These three new measures are:

  1. Employers can require that their employees be vaccinated if they deem it necessary
  2. Mask mandates will be in effect on all public transportation from November 1
  3. Visitation will be prohibited in hospitals, while the decision whether or not to prohibit visits in social insitutions will be at the discretion of the leaders of those bodies

Forecasts suggest that the number of infected Hungarians will jump in the fourth wave of the virus, and while the current number of hospital inpatients is low, it is expected to rise, said Gulyás in the governmental information session. However, experts say that fewer people will need to be on ventilators and that there will be fewer deaths than in previous waves.

In addition, Gulyás reiterated that the government’s position is that the vaccine is the only thing that protects against the Coronavirus. [Photo: Márton Béres/Népszava] [Népszava]

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