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Momentum Files Complaint Over “Tasteless,” “Insensitive” Gov’t Propaganda on Sanctions

Momentum President Ferenc Gelencsér has asked the Hungarian Advertising Association to remove government advertising that depicts the European Union sanctions against Russia as a bomb, reports Média1.

picture of sanctions bomb
“The sanctions from Brussels are ruining us!”

In a letter to the professional organization, the opposition politician writes that this is how the government is promoting its “national consultation,” and that the image, in addition to being tasteless and false, violates advertising ethics, according to the Advertising Code of the Hungarian Advertising Association.

While civilian targets, such as those in Kyiv, are being bombed every day in the Russian-initiated war, official messaging by the Hungarian government illustrates the EU sanctions, which are meant to weaken and stop the aggressor, as a dropped bomb. It appears on the cover photo of the official Facebook page of the Government of Hungary, and also in the video made for this purpose. The communication campaign is insensitive to besieged Ukraine and the victims of the war, both the tortured and killed Ukrainian civilians and soldiers, as well as the millions who have fled their homes. This messaging is only good for perpetuating Russian propaganda goals and weakening the unity of the European Union against the aggressor.

-writes Gelencsér.

Gelencsér has asked the association to investigate the matter, determine that an ethical violation has taken place, and remove the ad before the government spends billions of forints on the campaign.

The Momentum President also considered it absurd for the Hungarian government to claim that it is on the side of peace while using the image of a bomb in its advertising. [Magyar Narancs]

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  1. Unity

    They have been acting as “good house fathers” (according to themselves obviously) yet can’t raise teacher wages but then again can pay vast amounts of money for this! Definitely a point that needs to be made by teachers. And can History teachers maybe open their courses on the pages that explain what a biased question is! A lesson that the members of Fidesz missed or miserably failed the exam on.

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