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EP: Hungary is No Longer a Democracy

A plenary session of the European Parliament (EP) voted by a large majority on Thursday for the new report on the rule of law in Hungary.

The report states that Hungary continues to move away from the basic values ​​of the European Union, and that instead of a full-fledged democracy, in 2022 the term “electoral autocracy” is more suitable for it.

433 Members of the European Parliament (MEP) voted in favor of the resolution, 123 voted against it, and 28 abstained.

The report was submitted by French Green Party MEP Gwendoline Delbos-Corfield, the head of the EP special committee investigating the rule of law in Hungary.

The 30-page document is an updated version of the Sargentini report, which was adopted by the EP in 2018. Following this, an Article 7 procedure to suspend Hungary’s rights in the EU was then launched.

Euronews notes that the recently-adopted report addresses the issue of EU funds still due to Hungary. Specifically, MEPs call on the European Commission to freeze these funds until the Hungarian government rectifies its problems.

Fidesz: Brussels Wants to Punish Hungary

In a statement released on Thursday morning, ruling party Fidesz responded to the news by saying, “What’s happening in the European Parliament is shocking,” adding that:

While European residents are suffering from an energy crisis due to misguided Brussels sanctions, the most important thing for the left-wing-majority European Parliament, even in this crisis, is to attack Hungary.

The statement then mentions the energy crisis “due to the failed Brussels sanctions,” the drastic rise in prices, the impoverishment of Europeans, and the decline of the European economy.

The left in Brussels again and again wants to punish Hungary and withhold the money owed to our country. They are doing this because Fidesz-KDNP, which does not allow migrants to enter Hungary, does not allow LGBTQ propaganda into schools, and opposes the Brussels sanctions that caused the energy crisis, once again won the Hungarian elections in April.

-the Fidesz statement reads. [Telex, Magyar Narancs]

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  1. 2bits4free

    What a liar Orban is.
    The sanctions haven`t caused a rise in prices. Putin caused it by invading Ukraine.
    How the EU puts up with Orban even for another minute is beyond comprehension.
    So now they have produced yet another report! What is the point when all the reports are ignored. How many reports have there already been about the corruption here?

    I`m quite certain that the EU will continue to send funds to Orban. Not to Hungary, because the money does not go beyond OV himself, to line his pockets and enrich his friends and family.
    We can thank the EU for their complicity in creating Hungarian oligarchs.

  2. Michael Detreköy

    The big lines, which seperate Hungary from the EU are drawn up now. Hungary failed (flunked) remarkably in producing convincing documentation for cooperation with the EU, and now they have to come clean, or face European realities.

  3. Misi bacsi

    Hello Michael. In general, I agree with your comments regarding EU albeit I am certain we also agree that many average Hungarians enabled this regime to come to power, let alone many continue to vote for the regime. Unfortunately, Hungary will continue to slide toward an uncertain, but catastrophic end. Only then will Hungarians begin honest self appraisal of the kind that was modeled by István Bibó e.g. his masterpiece essay on the so called “Jewish Question” (“The Jewish Question in Hungary After 1944”, published in 1948). Also welcome back to our host, Steven N.!

    • Michael Detreköy

      Hi Misi. Thanks for appropriately pointing to Bibó!
      I agree about the broad popularity of the current ultra-nationalist regime and its confrontational approach to EU, behind which only conspiracy theories appear to validate the behavior.
      From outside, it looks like an old habit of procrastination has a firm hold on the nation.

    • Steven

      Thank you Misi, I missed a lot of vital news when I was on vacation but there are still some interesting times ahead for Hungary! Thanks for keeping up with the site!

  4. Luis

    What a juicy piece of news just on time for your return from your holiday, Steven! Please keep up the good work: your site is essential reading for anyone interested in Hungary!

    • Steven

      Yes, interesting times ahead for Hungary! Thank you for the nice words about the site and for being a reader, much appreciated!

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