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EU Report Shows No Progress on Rule of Law in Hungary

The European Commission’s latest report on the rule of law states that there has been no significant progress on the fight against corruption in Hungary, reports Euronews.

According to the report published on Wednesday:

  • On the courts, “the public still rates the independence of the judiciary as average, while companies rate it low.”
  • On corruption, experts and company directors believe that the level of corruption in the public sector is still high. There is a continued lack of investigations, prosecutions, and final judgments in high-level corruption cases. Serious deficiencies in the financing of political parties and campaigns was also noted.
  • On the media situation, the report states that the channeling of major state resources into pro-government media continues to create unequal conditions, while the Hungarian authorities do not even plan to introduce legislation aimed at increasing the transparency of media ownership.
  • On the functioning of democratic institutions, the reported drew attention to the fact that “the lack of public consultation and an accelerated legislative process further weakened the quality of the regulatory environment.”


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