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Budapest City Council Votes to Assist Needy Residents With Utility Subsidy Program

An extraordinary session of the Budapest City Council on Wednesday decided that starting in October, needy residents of the capital can apply for an annual 48,000 Ft. (US $120) subsidy to help offset the expected rise in utility prices.

The board unanimously voted for an amendment to the regulation on residential utility subsidies in the capital, which will significantly expand eligibility for the subsidies and double the amount of subsidies available to the neediest households in Budapest. The change will also allow the cost of residential gas and electricity to be subsidized.

In the new system, households in need, as well as Budapest residents who receive pension or pension-like benefits under 100,000 Ft. ($250) per month, will be eligible for subsidies of 4,000 Ft. ($10) per month, or 48,000 Ft. per year.

Pensioners who receive more than 100,000 Ft. but less than 170,000 Ft. ($425) per month will be eligible for subsidies of 2,000 Ft. ($5) per month, or 24,000 Ft. ($60) per year, the City Council decided. [Magyar Hang]

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