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Meterologist Fired Over Botched Aug. 20 Weather Report Disputes Gov’t Version of Events

The specialist deputy president of the Hungarian Meterological Service (OMSZ) who was fired on Monday had been on a three-week vacation and wasn’t even involved in the decision-making over whether to launch the fireworks display on August 20, reported Telex on Tuesday.

In an interview with the media outlet, sacked meterologist Gyula Horváth said he had just returned to work from his vacation on Monday when he was ordered to go to the Ministry of Technology and Industry in the afternoon. Upon arriving, he and OMSZ President Kornélia Radics were informed of their dismissal.

Horváth claims that Minister László Palkovics did not even bother to fire them personally, leaving the job to State Secretary Anikó Raisz. Moreover, Raisz did not provide them with a reason as to why they were being fired.

In Tuesday’s Government Information briefing, Minister Gergely Gulyás said that the two leaders of OMSZ had not been fired because of a botched weather forecast that led to the cancelation of a huge fireworks display planned for the evening of August 20, but rather because of other competency issues that had been apparent in the past.

But Horváth disputed this accusation, saying he had not been informed of anything like that before his sacking, and that in fact he had not received any indication at all that the government had been dissatisfied with the weather services’ forecasts.

Basically, I learned about my alleged lack of competence from the Government Information briefing itself.

-the fired meterologist said. [HVG]

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  1. 2bits4free

    Our petulant baby-prime-minister Orban always has to find a scapegoat for his disappointments, doesn’t he.
    It reminds me of the time he lost an election, way before he had such a successful propaganda machine in place to bamboozle the gullible country folk, and he trashed his office in a fit of pique.
    He finally had to be told off by the US ambassador to can it, and accept the vote. Orban won`t forgive and has to find someone, anyone, to blame, even for the weather. What a big baby.
    Please everybody, pray hard, or meditate hard or work hard, or do whatever it takes to get rid of this character before things get even worse in Hungary.
    Clearly the EU will do nothing to stop the rot.

  2. Misi bacsi

    Yeah-interesting how would be dictators have this thing with the weather. Many readers will no doubt remember the equally infantile ex president Trump, who used a magic marker to cancel a weather report he did not like (hoping no one would notice). These individuals are very high in control needs and very low in real self esteem. Unfortunately, such “leaders” always end up harming others (Putin is still another example).

  3. Michael Detreköy

    Oh yes! Napoleon blamed his final defeat on the weather, which he was certain would favour his heavy infantery in the end, but was proven wrong by his opponents, who opted for lighter cavallery.
    If there were meteorolists at that time, they probably would have payed a price for not telling him that the rain might have persisted for longer than he expected.

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