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Heads of Weather Service Get Sacked Over Faulty Weather Report on Aug. 20

Minister of Technology and Industry László Palkovics has fired the president and specialist deputy president of the Hungarian Meteorological Service (OMSZ), reports from an announcement by the Ministry of Technology and Industry.

The dismissal of Kornélia Radics and Gyula Horváth is to take effect immediately, with the new leaders of the organization to be named at a later time.

Although the announcement did not provide any reasons for the decision, the media outlet suggests that the exemption may have had something to do with the fact that on August 20, a special task force decided, at OMSZ’s recommendation, not to hold the fireworks display planned for the evening.

But despite the OMSZ forecast of rain and wind storms, there were clear skies in Budapest during the period when the event would have taken place on Saturday night. [Magyar Hang]

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