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Poll: Ukrainians Do Not Consider Hungary an Ally

Not a single Ukrainian considers Hungary as their ally, according to a poll by the Ilko Kucheriv Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF).

The Ukrainian institution conducted a representative public opinion poll in May 2022 that examined, among other things, the extent to which the war had changed the public’s opinion about Ukraine’s strongest allies. The results were compared with a previous poll from February 2021.

The February 2021 survey showed that Ukraine’s top three allies were the United States (38%), Poland (35%), and Germany (28%).

In the poll taken this past May, 65% of Ukrainians named Poland as an important ally, closely followed by the United States at 63%. But the United Kingdom took the top spot at 66% while also having the highest jump in support, rising from 5% in the 2021 poll.

Perceptions of Germany, Georgia, and Belarus as allies have significantly decreased, dropping by 14, 13, and 10 percentage points, respectively. However, France increased its standing among Ukrainians by 6 percentage points, and Turkey by 4.

Regarding Hungary, 7% of Ukrainians considered the country on their southwestern border an ally in February 2021, but that had fallen to 0% in May 2022. Hungary therefore joins India, Belarus, and Russia in the group of countries that no Ukrainian respondent considered as an ally of theirs. [Átlátszó]

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