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Constitutional Court to Take Up Legality of Changes to KATA Law

A complaint has been filed with the Constitutional Court by an individual lawyer over the changes to the KATA tax regime, reports Index.

The much-criticized amendment to the popular tax structure used by hundreds of thousands of Hungarian sole proprietors has been the target of a number of public protests, and opposition parties vowed to challenge the constitutionality of the matter.

The lawyer argues that the new KATA regulation seriously violates the fundamental rights of the sole proprietors and small businesses it affects, specifically the right to human dignity by preventing them from choosing the KATA system and thereby discriminating against them.

The Court is on break until August 26, yet the complaint filed on August 2 was assigned to a constitutional judge on August 17, meaning it is likely that the judicial body will set a date to review the matter soon after it reconvenes. [Magyar Hang]

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