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Support for Fidesz Down in Latest IDEA Poll

Compared to the beginning of July, support for the ruling party has decreased by 2 percentage points among all voters, and by 3 points among those committed to a specific party. The latter indicator fell from 54% to 51% in a new poll by the IDEA Institute.

Among all voters, support for Fidesz is now at 35%, a drop of 8 points since May 2022. At that time, support for the governing party in this group was 43%, the highest level ever measured by IDEA.

Support for Fidesz has now returned to the level it was at in December 2021, before the 2022 election campaign, notes IDEA.

IDEA’s analysts also looked at the level of attachment of Fidesz voters to their party, and how this affected their preferences. Voters who were connected to the ruling party in multiple ways stuck with Fidesz and were not dissuaded by the announcement of higher utility costs and tax changes.

However, voters who had expressed their support for the party merely because of its campaign promises have become disappointed in Fidesz, and now associate with the so-called “unknown preference” camp instead.

Hungary’s opposition parties have not been able to directly benefit from the anger of those who have left the ruling party, the poll revealed. DK remains the strongest opposition party, gaining 5 points overall. The left-wing party now stands at 11% among all voters and 17% among those committed to a specific party.

In third place is the far-right Our Homeland Movement, while all other parties are at around 5%, the minimum threshold to gain entry to Parliament. [Magyar Hang]

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  1. 2bits4free

    But if support for Fidesz still stands at 35%, and for DK, the strongest opposition, at only 11%, then Fidesz is still way ahead.
    So Hungary is stuck forever with a mafia regime, rather than a proper democracy.
    And in any case, Orban is by now an expert on how to make elections unfair, so he will win even if he hasn`t won.

  2. Misi bacsi

    Hello 2 Bits…, Yes Fidesz is still on “top”; however, past Hungarian regimes ended, some violently and some peacefully e.g. the WW II fascists in 1944-45 and the remnants of the Kadar communists in 1989-1990 . I think “forever” is too strong a word to use albeit understandable. In any case, it will not be easy as most of us including your self know to remove this mafia regime .Perhaps a “color revolution” may yet happen, so I concede that elections alone may not be sufficient. At age 75, I still remain hopeful.

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