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Orbán Speech Opens CPAC in Dallas

Viktor Orbán opened the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with a speech in Dallas, Texas on Thursday. CPAC has been a major gathering for U.S. right-wing conservatives since 1974.

The main purpose of the Prime Minister’s half-hour-long English-language speech was to introduce himself and his policies to the American conservative audience, which may sympathize with him but does not know much about Hungary and its government.

Orbán touched on his well-worn themes: Christian values, migration, gender, and the importance of the fight against liberalism, but also didn’t leave out Barack Obama or George Soros.

He compared Hungary to Texas, the Lone Star State, where independence, freedom, and sovereignty are the three most important values in both places.

The Hungarian government made great efforts to get the Prime Minister a speaking slot at the conservative convention. The taxpayer-funded Center for Fundamental Rights, which also organized CPAC Hungary earlier this year, is one of the event’s sponsors.

As for how he felt about speaking at CPAC, Viktor Orbán said it was a dream come true. [444]

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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Yet another media-stunt funded by Hungarian tax payers. Fidesz in desperate need of a diversion from a disasterous economic policy.
    If Orbánistan had gained recognition in EU/Europe, it wouldn’t be limited to an American far right event in Texas.

    • Steven

      Good point how all the CPAC coverage has drowned out a lot of economic news that otherwise would be more dominant.

  2. Misi bacsi

    Of course-as both the editor and most readers know, there is nothing “Christian” about the leader of the Hungarian regime. Rather he is the voice of racism, let alone other opportunistic dog whistles of racism, antisemitism and anti LGBT phobia). A traitor to Hungary and Liberal Democracy, Orban is head of a mafia regime of systematic theft from the Hungarian nation. The former God Father of Orban’s children, Rev. Ivanyi long ago recognized the above disgusting traits of Orban as reported in past issues of “Hungarian Politics”. The Rev.publicly broke with Orban, which brought the full wrath of the regime on the charitable work Rev. Ivanyi has led.

  3. 2bits4free

    While Orban attending an ultra right wing event in the USA might be a dream come true, for the rest of us decent folks, it is a nightmare come true. One monstrous egoist, supporting another monstrous egoist. Trump and Orban are great allies indeed.

    And the EU just keeps on allowing him to remain a member.

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