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Center for Fundamental Rights, Organizer of CPAC Hungary, Gets 2 Billion Ft. in Taxpayer Money

Funding for the Miklós Szánthó-led Center for Fundamental Rights, and the Rule of Law and Justice Nonprofit Kft. behind it, has grown since it was first established in 2013. This year, it will receive more than ever before, 2 billion Ft. (US$5.5 million) in public money, writes Telex.

The news site obtained the information through a public interest request, allowing it to access data on the Lajos Batthyány Foundation (BLA), which has been turned into a public interest trust fund that coordinates the distribution of government funds.

In doing so, it was able to review ten contracts that BLA has had with the limited liability company behind the organization that has been operating an independent non-governmental organization since 2016, and which provided a total of around 5 billion Ft. ($13.8 million) in direct public funding to the organization for their operating costs and for maintaining personnel and infrastructural expenses.

The Center for Fundamental Rights previously informed Telex that they did not perform any state-related duties, and therefore had no obligation to account for their expenses. However, the organization later wrote that it was proud that the BLA had found its activities worthy of support.

CPAC Hungary Kicks Off Today at Bálna

The Center for Fundmental Rights is also organizing the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Hungary event at Bálna in Budapest from May 19-20. It is unclear how much taxpayer money will be used to fund CPAC Hungary, which is expected to cost 400 million Ft. ($1.1 million), writes Telex.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán was the keynote speaker at CPAC Hungary’s first day today, which also featured a video message by Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “Conservative influencer” Candace Owens is also expected to speak at the event. [HVG, Telex]

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