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Teacher Union Unhappy Police, Soldiers, and Ministers Got Raises, But Not Educators

The Democratic Union of Teachers (PDSZ) sent an open letter to Viktor Orbán after the deputy minister of the Ministry of the Interior announced that law enforcement and military personnel would be receiving pay raises in two stages, starting on September 1. This move will represent an average increase of 30-44% for deputy officers and 18-25% for full officers.

The teachers complain that the Prime Minister has repeatedly agreed that their wage demands are justified, but they continue to hear during strike negotiations that because of the budget, salaries will only be raised if Brussels provides financial support. In addition, it also came out a few days ago that the budget even allows for government ministers to receive a pay raise of an extra 650,000 Ft. (US $1,635) a month from September.

Along with the fact that we think it is right to raise the extremely low salaries of the police and military, we also expect an immediate increase in the salaries of those working in public education of at least the same rate. Teachers starting their careers should earn at least as much as officers starting their careers, and those who have been in the field for several decades should earn even more, in proportion with their pay grades!

-the teacher union writes.

Kindergartens and schools also suffer from a serious shortage of professionals, they write, and there are too few specialist teachers not only in small towns, but also in county seats and in the capital. The situation will only get worse if teacher pay does not improve, claims PDSZ. [444]

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