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Protests to Continue on Monday Morning in Budapest

The protests that have gripped Budapest since last Tuesday show no sign of abating soon. The latest demonstration against changes to the KATA tax scheme and the loss of subsidized household utility costs will be held on 7:00am on Monday, July 18, at the Pest side of Margit Bridge.

Organizers on the event’s Facebook page write that they plan to show that they are capable of an organized, cultured, but still effective demonstration. Since the protest is “about the people,” it won’t be politicians but demonstrators themselves who will be speaking, and ask that anyone who wants to speak get in touch with them.

The post states that the demonstration has already been announced to authorities, and is being held in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. They will take steps to prevent any type of rioting or disturbances from occurring.

The organizers of the “PEOPLE for KATA and realistic UTILITIES” event will also be collecting money for those who received fines at earlier protests, and they ask everyone to bring food and water with them, as the temperature is expected to be 30 degrees Celsius. [HVG]

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