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EPP Has No Interest in Taking Fidesz Back

Tibor Navracsics has embarked on a hopeless mission by trying to bring the European People’s Party and Fidesz back together, reports Euronews.

The minister for EU funds in the new government activated his membership in KDNP, which is still a part of the European party, and visited the EPP congress in Rotterdam, saying he wanted some kind of institutional link between Fidesz and the EPP, “even membership.”

But according to Euronews, the European People’s Party is happy that Fidesz departed in March 2021. The outgoing president, Donald Tusk, said directly that:

Putin and his philosophy have many representatives in Europe. That is why it is now clear how important it was for us to say goodbye to Viktor Orbán, who consistently defends the Kremlin and promotes a new illiberal democracy, which is in fact a new version of an authoritarian state.

In his post-election speech, Manfred Weber, the new EPP president, gave thanks to Tusk for removing Orbán from the European party:

Under your strong leadership, we closed the chapter on Viktor Orbán. And today we carry the banner of democracy, an independent judiciary, and the fight against corruption.

-he declared.

Weber expressed his frustration with Viktor Orbán in an interview with a Polish daily just a few days ago.

Euronews also reported that Tibor Navracsics tried several times to have a meeting with Weber, but the new president has rebuffed him. [444]

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