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Manfred Weber Fed Up With Orbán, Wants to End Unanimity in EU Decisions

I’ve honestly had it with Hungary and Orbán constantly blocking sanctions against Russia. We have to get past the principle of unanimity, and let a simple majority be enough.

-Manfred Weber, group leader of the European People’s Party (EPP) in the European Parliament, told Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza prior to his expected election as party president in Rotterdam on Tuesday.

The politician from Bavaria’s Christian Social Union (CSU), who apparently spoke to a Polish journalist prior to the new sanctions agreement in Brussels on Tuesday morning, also warned Poles that the Warsaw government must finally understand that violating the rule of law and undermining an independent judiciary is the exact opposite of what the Ukrainians are fighting for.

Weber said that he was taking over the legacy of soon-departing EPP President Donald Tusk, who is returning to domestic politics and has also been also critical of the Hungarian government.

Among the highlights of Tusk’s term as president was “throwing out” Fidesz from the EPP in 2021, although the Hungarian ruling party claims it left on its own accord. [HVG]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Better late than never, but why Manfred Weber waited until Orban’s latest move is beyond my comprehension. Why not when the regime destroyed rule of law with law of rule? Why not when the the regime eliminated the free press? Why not after years of antisemitism and anti LGBT propaganda and prejudice? And why not after years of EU subsidies to the mafia regime with many missing Euros in the pockets of Orban family, friends and stooges?

  2. Michael Detreköy

    A more appropriate measure could be to put Hungary’s voting rights in quarantine.

    • Misi bacsi

      Hi Michael, quick question- can the EU suspend voting rights for Hungary? If yes, how does the process work? Thank you in advance.

      • Michael Detreköy

        Hi Misi,
        It would probably take some time, especially since it’s never been done before.
        According to the rules, the EU Comission can recommend to the EU Council (the Council is made up of of the heads of state) to discuss measures such as removing voting rights. It will take a unanimous decision by the European Council (minus the country in question) to determine the existence of “a serious and persistent breach” of the European values referred to in article 2, such as freedom, democracy, rule of law and pluralism.

        • Misi bacsi

          Thanks Michael. In light of post today about still another “demand” by the regime regarding Patriarch Krill, I can only roll my eyes at how “much more” Manfred Weber is “fed up with Orban.”

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