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Is Fidesz Trying to Worm Its Way Back Into EPP?

Despite Fidesz’s expulsion from the European People’s Party, or more precisely, before Fidesz left the European party before it could be expelled, Fidesz politician Tibor Navracsics visited the EPP’s congress in Rotterdam this week.

Navracsics, former European Commissioner and newly-installed minister responsible for regional development and EU funds in the fifth Orbán government, wrote on Facebook:

It was good to see old friends again at the European People’s Party Congress in Rotterdam! It was a special pleasure to congratulate Mr. Gonzales Pons on his election as Vice President of the party.

However, Navracsics did not congratulate Orbán foe Manfred Weber on his election as the new EPP President, perhaps because Weber recently mentioned in an interview with a Polish daily that he was getting fed up with the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Fidesz announced in March 2021 that it was leaving the European People’s Party, although Fidesz MEPs had earlier indicated that they would be leaving the EPP caucus in the European Parliament. The Fidesz decision was in response to new EPP rules that made it clear that the Hungarian ruling party’s membership in the European party was about to be suspended.

The relationship between Fidesz and the EPP has been relatively frosty ever since, but perhaps Tibor Navracsics’ charm offensive will be able to soften their hearts. [444]

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