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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Welcomes New EU Sanctions, But Disappointed in Hungary’s Position

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry welcomed the decision by EU leaders to adopt the sixth sanctions package against Russia, but expressed disappointment with Hungary’s position on demanding an exemption from the oil embargo, the ministry said in a statement released on its official website on Tuesday.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is disappointed that due to Hungary’s resistance to the oil embargo, the adoption of the sanctions package took too long and made an exception for pipelines. But thanks to the efforts of the partners, especially the leaders of the European Council and the European Commission, an important decision was finally made.

-quoted European Pravda from the ministry’s statement.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba also said that “the oil embargo is accelerating the countdown to the collapse of the Russian economy and its military machinery.”

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry calls on the EU to start making preparations right away for a seventh package of sanctions against the Russian Federation, including a ban on more Russian exports and other restrictive measures. The Ukrainian side has already submitted its proposals in this regard.

-read the statement from the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. [Magyar Hang]

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