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Dialogue Leaves Parliament During Orbán’s Inauguration Speech

Dialogue MPs voted against electing Viktor Orbán as prime minister, and the party’s politicians left the Chamber as Viktor Orbán delivered his speech after the election, said party caucus leader Bence Tordai.

In voting against the man who has been prime minister since 2010, Tordai said that the party was representing the two million people who supported the opposition list in April, as these voters did not want to see Viktor Orbán continue as the head of government.

The politician justified his party’s departure from Parliament by saying that the Prime Minister “did not share anything” with people before the parliamentary elections about what kind of future he intended for the country. As a result, voters did not know what they were voting for, nor did they “give any specific mandate to Viktor Orbán and his party.”

Another member in the Dialogue caucus, András Jámbor, said that the planned ministry structure shows that the government doesn’t have any long-term plans for leading the country out of the current state of emergency. [HVG]

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