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Fidesz Voters Say Zelensky and USA More Responsible for War Than Putin

Fidesz voters prefer Putin to Western leaders, according to a Medián poll commissioned by 444.

On a 100-point scale, Hungary’s pro-government camp gives Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin the highest ratings among political leaders, 56 points and 47 points, respectively. Pope Francis is the only foreign leader who gets even higher marks from this group.

In addition, Fidesz supporters hold Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky (74 out of 100 points) and the United States (75 out of 100 points) more responsible for the war in Ukraine than Vladimir Putin (70 out of 100 points).

The ratio is reversed among supporters of the political opposition. These voters blame Putin the most for the war (93 points), but they also say Viktor Orbán’s foreign policy (47 points) bears more responsibility than the Ukrainian leadership (39 points). [Telex]

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