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Hungary Has Online Troll Army Pushing Pro-Kremlin Disinformation

Together with its regional partners, Political Capital examined unusual online behavior in the V4 countries between February 21 and March 31 regarding the war in Ukraine and announced the results, reports Átlátszó.

The vast majority of unnatural patterns of behavior in the V4 countries promote Kremlin propaganda, with the only exception being Slovakia, where “trolls” have been detected promoting pro-Western themes.

One striking feature that the study revealed was that dozens, and at times hundreds, of users will repeat identical phrases in post comments, suggesting a coordinated network of activity.

The strongest presence of this online troll army is in Hungary, the study found. During the election campaign, the most common refrain by these posters was to tell people to vote for Fidesz if they wanted peace in the shadow of the Ukrainian war.

The report points out that Facebook is not really doing anything to curb such trolling in the V4 countries, which are considered small markets to the social media giant. [Telex]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Given a recent and strange comment by one “reader” of Hungarian Politics regarding the existence of “diverse media in Hungary”, that comment may be an indication of possible ongoing “trolling”. This is especially likely given that any well informed reader knows that virtually all major Hungarian newspapers, radio and television stations are either owned outright by the regime and/or regime oligarchs, let alone by the fake regime foundation where many media outlets were “donated.” Two things are certain, with the exception of a handful of magazines and minor newspapers,Hungarian media is not only not diverse, it is not factual.

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