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Hungarian Workers’ Party Wants Ukraine to Stop Waging War

The Hungarian Workers’ Party believes that Ukraine is a fascist state, Volodymyr Zelenskyy must end his military operation, and that everyone sending anything to help Ukraine out is just being hypocritical, said party leader Gyula Thürmer at the party’s May 1 anti-war demonstration, as reported by Azonnali.

The participants marched from Kodály Circus to the Ministry of Defense’s building on Lehel Road. The openly pro-Russian party’s event drew about 150-200 participants, many of whom displayed anti-EU and NATO banners.

Towards the end of the march, another speaker shared his views by loudspeaker, including assertions that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy had been trained by the CIA and that he was Jewish.

When several participants protested that there was nothing wrong with being Jewish, the speaker corrected himself and from that point on referred to Zelenskyy as a Freemason. [Népszava]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Wow. The old hard core communists not only copy some of the views of their comrades in Russia, they engage in antisemitic discourse with paranoid comments about Freemason conspiracies. Professor Paul Hanebrink in his book, “A Specter Haunting Europe, The Myth of Judeo- Bolshevism” (pages 94-96) commented on the precise link of antisemitism and the myths of Judeo- Bolshevism, let alone the myth of Free Masons and world domination (almost alway with an antisemitic connection). Hitler and Stalin (in part) -of course- had some similar ideas about Jews and Freemasons (for Stalin,less about Freemasons and more about Jewish “Cosmopolitans , scheming to dominate the world. History-as our publisher knows- shows how political extremes often mimic each other. Contemporary Hungary and France are only the most examples of such i.e. the far right and the far left often share similar paranoid views.

    • Steven

      Good observation Misi, especially with this bit of wisdom: “the far right and the far left often share similar paranoid views.” Not too surprising though.

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