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EU Should Not Impose Sanctions on Russian Gas and Oil, Says Gulyás

We can’t allow Hungarians to pay the price of the war, said Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, in a statement given to Kossuth Rádió on Sunday. It can be avoided if “we continue to be able to obtain energy at the lowest possible cost,” he said.

The minister wrote that the most important thing was that the European Union recind its earlier decisions and not adopt sanctions that make importing Russian natural gas and petroleum impossible. Otherwise, Hungary will have to obtain its raw materials at a significantly higher price, and would not be able to guarantee the utility price cuts, or that heating and the economy will continue to function.

“We can’t impose santions that primarily punish ourselves and not those who we want to sanction,” read Gulyas’ statement. [Népszava]

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