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Entire Editorial Staff of 168 Óra Gets the Sack

The entire editorial staff of weekly 168 Óra was let go for business reasons and cost optimization, writes Média1. The site reports that 168 Óra‘s chief editor, József Makai, is also leaving, as he did not agree with the decision to outsource future writing to external authors.

168 Óra owner Pál Mikovics confirmed that they had let 15 employees go. However, the editorial team for 168 Óra‘s online edition, which works separately from the print edition, will stay on.

Milkovics said that the weekly magazine had been loss-making for a long time, and that they needed to cut costs and optimize.

Média1 also reported downsizing at Pesti Hírlap, which suspended its daily print run in the middle of April. [444]

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