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Hungary May Face Infringement Proceedings if it Pays for Russian Gas in Rubles

On Friday, the European Commission announced that the EU would initiate legal proceedings against member states that do not carry out sanctions against Russia, reports Index.

In its first round of sanctions at the end of February, the Europan Union banned member states from helping Russia finance its public debt through assisting it with accessing hard currency or allowing Russia’s central bank to evade punitive measures.

In the entire European Union, thus far only the Orbán government has expressed willingness to pay for Russian natural gas in rubles. Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó said on Thursday that Hungary would pay for Russian gas in whatever way would get it to the country.

This means that at the moment, Brussels would only initiate infringement proceedings against the Budapest-based government. [Index]

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  1. 2bits4free

    I hope the EU also takes steps to kick the Russian IIB bank, a cover up for the KGB, out of Hungary too.

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