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Refuting Gulyás, EU Says No Agreement Yet with Orbán Gov’t on Recovery Fund

Talks on the recovery fund for Hungary and launching the conditionality mechanism are two separate issues, said the European Commission’s spokesperson in response to Chancellor Minister Gergely Gulyás’ comments at Thursday’s Government Information briefing. Discussions between Budapest and Brussels have been ongoing on the former for months, while the College of Commissioners decided on the latter on Wednesday.

Gulyás claimed that the government had gone through the official notice about the launch of the mechanism, and it came to the conclusion that there was no obstacle to signing the agreement on receiving recovery fund money from the EU.

However, spokesperson Veere Nuyts refuted the minister’s claims that they had come to an agreement on everything in Hungary’s recovery fund plan. Nuyts stated that they had made progress in several areas over the past few months, but numerous issues, such as anti-corruption measures and education-related matters, had still not been resolved with the country.

The letter from the Commission on Wednesday listed more changes, and more significant ones, that would be needed than those to received recovery aid from the EU, said the Commission. [Népszava]

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