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Momentum Launches Site to Highlight Ruling Party’s Russian ties

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If Orbán really wants security, why has he exposed Hungary to Putin?

-asked Momentum in a recent Facebook post, in which the party also announced the launch of to highlight the ruling Hungarian party’s ties to the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The latest posters by the Hungarian Government, funded from billions of forints of public money, claim that Viktor Orbán wants peace and security for Hungary. But let’s face it, this doesn’t depend on him: he has done everything in the last 12 years to make Hungary, in its war rhetoric, a state dependent on Putin.

-stated the Momentum Movement in a Sunday press release, quoted in HVG.

At, the party lays out its evidence of “How Viktor Orbán has exposed Hungary to Russian interests over the past 12 years, putting the country’s security at risk.”

To make as many people as possible aware of the site, the party has made “additions” to government posters in several big cities.

As Momentum summarizes their newest campaign:

After 12 years of continual hate speech and ‘freedom fights,’ we’re at the point where Hungary is no longer an independent country: Viktor Orbán has made it completely vulnerable to Russia. Hiding behind the slogan ‘we will not be a colony,’ he has done just the opposite: he chained the country to Russia through expensive loans and set up a Russian spy bank in Budapest, and now Russian propaganda even comes from public media.

[Magyar Hang][Image: Momentum Mozgalom / Facebook]

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