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Happy March 15! Parties Gather to Celebrate Hungary’s National Holiday

picture of Power to the People rally

Hungary’s political forces are rallying their supporters together today to celebrate the country’s national holiday, which commemorates the Hungarian Revolution of 1848-49.

The governing Fidez-KDNP parties are meeting in Kossuth Square, where Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is delivering a speech. Their supporters are also holding a Peace March under the organization of the Civil Unity Forum (CÖF).

The political opposition alliance, United for Hungary, is also holding a large rally on the other side of the Danube near Freedom Bridge in Buda, along the Technical University Riverside Drive, starting at 3pm.

The following people are scheduled to speak at the opposition’s gathering, “Power to the People”:

• Gábor Iványi, pastor
• Anna Donáth (Momentum)
• Gergely Karácsony (Dialogue)
• Péter Jakab (Jobbik)
• Erzsébet Schmuck (LMP)
• Bertalan Tóth (MSZP)
• Klára Dobrev (DK)
• Donald Tusk, President of the European People’s Party
• Péter Márki-Zay, United for Hungary candidate for prime minister

Singer Orsolya Burján, and actors Zsolt Nagy and Csaba Polgár are also scheduled to perform at the oppositon’s event, which is being hosted by actors Mónika Ullmann and Zsolt Nagy.

[Magyar Hang][Photo: supporters of United for Hungary rally in Budapest, March 15, 2022]

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