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Momentum: Katalin Novák is Unfit to Be President

The Momentum Movement considers Katalin Novák as an unsuitable candidate to embody the unity of the nation, and wants the head of state to be directly elected by voters.

In response to Katalin Novák’s inauguration as President of Hungary on Saturday, Momentum’s Márton Tompos wrote on Facebook:

A one-sided election by a two-thirds majority of the Fidesz Parliament gave her this position. Just half a year ago, she was still a member of Fidesz and a minister without portfolio in Viktor Orbán’s government.

A statement by the party added that “Momentum believes that Katalin Novák, like János Áder before her, is unfit to embody the unity of the nation.”

Momentum continues to prefer that the head of state be directly elected by voters, as the political opposition coalition stressed during the election campaign. The six-party opposition nominated economist Péter Róna as their candidate for head of state. [Index]

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