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Russia a Victim and is Provoked by NATO, Says Party of Normal Life

picture of György Gődény

The Party of Normal Life (NÉP), headed by György Gődény (pictured) and one of the six political parties to be on the second ballot in the April 3 parliamentary election, thinks it is not only the Russians but also the Ukrainians who are violating the peace, and that NATO is provoking Russia.

In a statement issued on Friday, the party said it was unfortunate that everyone in Hungary was claiming that Russia alone had acted violently, even though Ukrainians had also done so through their aggression against ethnic Russians.

There need to be guarantees that the Ukrainian government will end its “military action” against the Russian population in Ukraine, which was one of the causes of the conflict, wrote the party.

NÉP also said it had sympathy for Russia’s concerns about Ukraine’s possible accession to NATO, adding:

We condemn the fact that the Atlantic bloc, by expanding and deploying more and more weapons systems, is further provoking Russia.

-expressed the Party of Normal Life in its statement.

György Gődény, a bodybuilder-pharmacist known for his skeptical views of the virus, established the Party of Normal Life in the summer of 2020.

No stranger to the lucrative fake party business in Hungary, Gődény was the head of the Common Denominator Party in the 2018 election. After a weak finish, the party was told to repay 153 million Ft. (US $437,000) in public funding it received for the campaign, although it is unclear whether it has actually done so.

Gődény later appeared as the promotional face for a nutritional supplement company called Nutriversum. He then began expressing his views on the coronavirus, and was prosecuted for spreading false news in his speeches.

At the start of the Russian invasion, Gődény gave voice to conspiracy theories on his Facebook page, claiming that “a permanent war with enormous material, human, spiritual, moral, and mental destruction would be an extremely good diversion for the global power structure.”

[Magyar Hang][Photo: Doktor Gődény / Facebook]

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