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Party of Normal Life Plans to Run Candidates in All Electoral Districts

picture of György Gődény

The Party of Normal Life plans to take part in the 2022 parliamentary elections and nominate individual candidates in all 106 electoral districts, writes Index. György Gődény, a bodybuilder-pharmacist known for his skeptical views of the virus, established the party in the summer of 2020.

Gődény announced the party’s intention to run in the upcoming elections at a demonstration in front of Parliament, on Budapest’s Kossuth Square on November 5.

The pharmacist, bodybuilder, and activist told Azonnali that the party would not join any larger party group.

The bodybuilder, pharmacist and activist ran as the leader of the Common Denominator Party in the 2018 election. However, after an unsuccessful finish, the party had to repay 153 million Ft. (US $492,000) in state funding it received for the campaign. As this apparently has not happened, Gődény is currently under investigation for fraud.

György Gődény also received a suspended prison sentence in September for spreading fear, but the decision in this case has not been finalized.


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