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Final: Six Parties to Appear on Official Ballot

picture of Hungarian ballot

As no appeals were lodged, official registration data from the National Election Commission (NVB) on Sunday declaring that six political parties will be on the second ballot for the April 3 parliamentary election is now final.

In the Hungarian electoral system, in addition to voting for individual candidates in electoral districts, voters can also choose from political parties or party alliances on a second ballot to determine a number of parliamentary mandates.

This means that György Gattyán’s Solution Movement and the Party of Normal Life, led by György Gődény, were also legally registered, despite several irregularities found with these parties’ endorsement signature sheets.

It has also been decided that the parties will appear on the ballot in the following order:

  • DK-Jobbik-Momentum-MSZP-LMP-Dialogue
  • Party of Normal Life
  • Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party
  • Solution Movement
  • Our Homeland Movement
  • Fidesz-Hungarian Civic Association-Christian Democratic People’s Party

Voters who have registered as belonging to an minority nationality will receive a national list for their nationality and a ballot for individual candidates.

All of Hungary’s ethnic minority groups except Roma managed to set up a national list in this year’s election, namely the Bulgarian, Greek, Croatian, Polish, German, Armenian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovak, and Slovenian nationalities. These were officially approved by NVB earlier. [HVG]

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