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MKKP Providing Direct Aid to Refugees at Nyugati Square

picture of help tent

The Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party (MKKP) is collecting donations and providing direct assistance to refugees of the war in Ukraine in special tents set up in Nyugati Square, the party told news agency MTI on Thursday.

Their tent is set up opposite Nyugati Rail Station, where refugees from the war stream into the capital on a regular basis. Budapest Police Headquarters announced that on Friday alone, 3,203 refugees from Ukraine arrived at Budapest train stations.

MKKP has set up a special “helptent” on the square, where they are providing breastfeeding and changing facilities, collecting donations to take to the border and into Ukraine, distributing food and hot drinks, providing information, and have a telephone charging station, their statement said.

The party said that those willing to support their efforts can bring them baby clothes, shoes, durable food, baby products, coats, scarves, hats, gloves, mattresses, and sleeping bags.

However, in this excellent Hungarian-language on-site report by JövőTV, MKKP Coordinator Gergő Balassa notes that MKKP would prefer not to receive items of clothing at this time.

Balassa said that financial donations would be most welcome, but they are also happy to receive gifts of electric heaters, sleeping bags, blankets, and canned goods:

Those who wish to donate to MKKP’s efforts through monetary contributions can transfer money to their bank account, and sign up as a volunteer for them (in Hungarian) here. [Magyar Hang]

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