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Afghan Refugees to Hungary Not Getting Help from Gov’t

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The government is not providing assistance to the Afghan refugees who arrived in Hungary, claims Népszava. It appears that the refugees received residence permits before it was decided who would be helping them with settling in and starting a new life.

At the end of August, the Hungarian Defense Forces evacuated several hundred Afghan citizens who had assisted Hungary’s delegation in Afghanistan and were fleeing the invading Taliban forces. In the end, 450 Afghans from 57 families came to Hungary, including 180 children.

Initially, the refugees were not given permission to settle in Hungary, but arrived under an immigration framework with much more restricted rights.

The Afghan refugees have now received the right to settle in Hungary, but the government has not yet decided to whom it will award the tender to provide for their material needs. At the moment, the Order of Malta’s charity service in Hungary is providing for the housing, feeding, and administrative needs of four Afghan refugee families.

According to Népszava, it is unclear what happened to the majority of the 450 Afghans who arrived in Hungary, as all that is known is the four families that are being taken care of by the Order of Malta. The National Immigration Directorate did not respond to the newspaper’s questions on the matter.

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