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Political Opposition Plans Competing Mass Rally to Counter Peace March on Mar. 15

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In his state of the nation speech on Thursday, Péter Márki-Zay, the prime ministerial candidate for Hungary’s political opposition, mentioned that the opposition would hold a large rally on the March 15 national holiday, although he didn’t offer any further details.

On Friday, a press release from the United for Hungary press department announced that the rally in support of the opposition coalition will take place at 3:00pm on March 15 in Budapest on the Technical University Riverside Road.

On March 15, the day of Hungarian freedom, we will be able to show that there are many of us, and our desire for freedom and courage is a much greater force than all of the evil tricks by the ruling power, its endless cynicism, and the hundreds of billions of forints of its lying propaganda machine. On April 3, we will turn a country of hatred into a country of love. The road to this passes through March 15, letting us show our strength and and tell Viktor Orbán: his days left in power are numbered.

-said the organizers in the invitation to the event, titled “Power to the People.”

It was previously reported that Fidesz was planning another Peace March on March 15, and that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would give a speech on Kossuth Square to celebrate the national holiday. According to the current schedule, Orbán is expected to deliver his address around the same time as when the United for Hungary rally along the riverside road begins.

László Csizmadia, president of the Civil Cooperation Forum – Civil Cooperation Public Benefit Foundation (CÖF-CÖKA), stated at the beginning of January that they were hoping to have 680,000 people at the March 15 Peace March.

In view of the long weekend, events planned for the Day of Remembrance for the 1848-59 Revolution and War of Independence will begin as early as March 12 this year. [Index]

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