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Even in Fidesz, Not Everyone Believes Varga’s Explanation of European Court Ruling

picture of Tibor Navracsics

This is election campaign messaging.

-responded Tibor Navracsics (pictured), former Minister of Justice, EU Commissioner, Fidesz parliamentary candidate in Veszprém County, and Government Commissioner for Veszprém’s European Capital of Culture program, to a question by János Fiala, as heard on a radio show on 168óra’s website. The brief dialogue was spotted by Socialist MEP István Ujhelyi.

The presenter had inquired as to whether Navracsics believed Judit Varga’s “political explanation” of the European Court of Justice ruling earlier this week.

The Luxembourg-based body rejected a lawsuit brought to it by Hungarian and Polish governments over the conditionality mechanism of the EU’s rule of law legislation. Following the verdict on Tuesday, Justice Minister Judit Varga stated at a Government Information briefing that the ruling was politically-motivated because of Fidesz’s “child protection” referendum and other measures.

Reporters assembled at the briefing were not able to get any further explanations from the Justice Minister after her three-minute-long remarks, as she rushed out of the briefing room without taking any questions. [Azonnali]

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