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New “Peace March” Planned for March 15

picture of marchers

The spokesman for the Civil Co-operation Forum – Civil Co-operation Public Benefit Foundation (CÖF-CÖKA), known for organizing so-called “Peace Marches,” put up a video for the new year. László Csizmadia announced that another major event is being planned for March 15, 2022, in which they hope to have twice as many people as at their previous event on October 23, which he estimated at 340,000 marchers.

They need to start preparations for the event now, Csizmadia said, to make a show of strength at home and to Brussels. As he put it:

Every decent Hungarian must make an effort so that their neighbor, and their neighbor’s neighbor, can see what is happening here in Hungary.

Csizmadia believes that the Hungarian opposition has hit the ground and fallen into a hole with Péter Márki-Zay, a soapbox orator who does not even notice that Ferenc Gyurcsány is in control, someone who wants to create a one-party system fueled by a thirst for power.

In contrast, the current government is made up of wonderful people who work day and night for the people, he believes.

“We can count on one thing for sure, and that is God,” said the spokesman for CÖF-CÖKA, wishing a happy new year to all Hungarian citizens, extending his wishes in particular to ethnic Hungarian across the border.


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  1. Michael Kaplan aks Misi bacsi

    Loved this brief summary of so called “peace march” quoting their spokesperson i.e “the government is made up of wonderful people who work day and night for the Hungarian people.” Sounds like a press release from Rakosi Matyas. Still Regime does work “day and night” albeit stealing from the people just as the communist regime did.

    • Steven

      Yes the historical parallels are close in a lot of ways. Blind devotion – to anyone really – is a rather scary concept!

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