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Why Aren’t Nurses Getting the Pay Raise the Gov’t Promised Them?

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The government promised to raise nursing salaries by 21% this year compared to 2021, writes 444. But the Chamber of Hungarian Health Care Professionals (MESZK) claims that the heads of health care institutions are not interpreting the rule on implementing wage increases uniformly, with the result that not all nurses are not getting the pay raise they expected.

In several places, managers made the decision to combine previous salary bonuses into the base salary, meaning that workers will no longer receive them as extra income. The upshot of this is that in such cases the wage increases for health care workers is less than the promised 21%.

MESZK President Zoltán Balogh said that he had seen this in inpatient and outpatient care all over the country. But he said there were even some counties where two hospitals run by the same institution behaved differently, with one providing raises to its employees and the other not.

Presumably, they’re trying to reduce their outstanding debt at the expense of pay raises for their health care colleagues.

-said Balogh.

MESZK is trying to ensure that every employee entitled to a raise gets a 21% salary increase.

After MESZK representatives stated at a press conference that it had received numerous complaints from outraged health care workers, 444 approached the National Hospital Directorate General (OKFŐ) last Wednesday over the matter.

In response, OKFŐ wrote on Friday that all employees were entitled to the 21% raise, but that health care institutions determined the amount of any bonus beyond the base salary, which was true both before and after the raise was announced.

A health care worker previously told MESZK that managers had withdrawn some of their supplementary bonuses on a non-public order issued by OKFŐ. However, OKFŐ claims that no such order exists. [444]

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