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“Hungary Freedom Convoy” Shows Solidarity With Protesters in Canada

picture of Hungary Freedom Convoy

About 80-100 motorists gathered together in solidarity yesterday to express their support for those protesting coronavirus restrictions in Canada, reports Telex.

The Canadian “freedom convoy” protest was originally triggered by a law introduced last month that required every trucker crossing the Canadian-American border to be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

The movement has grown since then and become a widespread protest against Covid-instigated restrictions in Canada. Protests have been focused near the county’s parliament in the capital of Ottawa, with protesters now demanding the withdrawal of nationwide vaccine mandates, as well as the resignation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government.

Many demonstrations against mandatory vaccination have also been held in Hungary over the past two years, despite the fact that it has never been required for the general population to get vaccinated.

By 2:15pm yesterday, around 80 cars had gathered at the Mogyoród entrance to the M3 motorway to start the “Hungary Freedom Convoy 2022,” according to Telex‘s report. At 6:00pm, there were around 80-100 cars in Heroes’ Square taking part in the protest, along with about 10 vans, 3 light trucks, and around 100 pedestrians.

Event organizer Attila Szűcs and the founders of the “Doctors for Clear Vision,” Alfréd Pócs and József Tamasi, gave speeches to the protestors, articulating six demands directed at the government.

Their demands largely concerned lifting pandemic-related “coercive measures” and restrictions, and compensating those who they claimed had suffered because of them. They also want to hold those responsible for managing the epidemic “accountable,” as well as stop the construction of 5G networks.

Alfréd Pócs spoke about the fact that the mainstream media thinks he is lying, and that Hungarian health care is only favor of vaccination due to “foreign pressure.”

The group of a few hundred people then marched down Andrássy Avenue together to Kossuth Square. Most of the pedestrians stayed on the sidewalk and along the side of the road, and the convoy didn’t cause a major disturbance to the traffic flow.

[Népszava][Photo: Hungary Freedom Convoy 2022 / Facebook]

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