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United Opposition Announces Full List of Cabinet Policy Leaders

picture of press conference

Earlier this month, United for Hungary announced a “shadow government” of experts that would speak on its behalf in their particular field of expertise. The opposition coalition has now released its full list of cabinet leaders for specific policy areas.

These are the people who have joined together and directed the formulation of a policy platform in which those working to install a new government spell out in detail what they want to achieve once they form a government, and how it will be done.

-their statement read.

The full list of cabinet policy leaders and their competent areas are the following:

  • Péter Ákos Bod – economy, budget, tax
  • Gábor Bojár – economy, budget, tax
  • Júlia Király – economy, budget, tax
  • Dr. György Magyar – judicial reform
  • Attila Fazakas – national policy issues
  • Zoltán Fleck – public law
  • Ákos Hadházy – anti-corruption and accountability
  • Attila Holoda – energy
  • Péter Inkei – culture
  • Máté Kanász-Nagy – social and equal opportunities
  • Zoltán Komáromi – health care
  • Imath Komtejahi – trade union, labor, wages
  • Béla Lakatos – Roma issues
  • Róbert Lengyel – law enforcement, disaster management
  • Katalin Lukácsi – church-related affairs
  • Gábor Polyák – press, media
  • György Raskó – agriculture
  • Adam Steinmetz – sport
  • János Stummer – national security
  • Bernadett Szél – green and climate policy, transportation
  • István Szent-Iványi – foreign policy, European policy
  • Endre Tóth – education
  • Gábor Üveges – rural development
  • Ágnes Vadai – national defense
  • Tamás Wittinghoff – municipal governments
  • Dániel Z. Kárpát – housing, family

According to United for Hungary:

The professional and policy-related work that these policy leaders have done to date is proof, and a guarantee, that the opposition’s platform is not just bunch of promises, but a series of feasible measures based on a comprehensive analysis of the situation that takes into account where there is room for manuever.

They added that the media will soon have a chance to get acquainted with these cabinet leaders in background discussions. [Index]

[Photo: United for Hungary holds press conference, Móricz Zsigmond körtér, Budapest, January 14, 2022]

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