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Corruption Not Major Problem, Say 98% of Fidesz Voters

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Only 18% of opposition voters believe corruption is the biggest problem today, according to a new Republikon poll as reported by Népszava. A higher proportion, 20%, said the cost of living was too high, and just over 20% said that wages were too low.

By comparison, 30% of Fidesz voters said that the cost of living was too high, and 23% were troubled by low pay. Barely 2% of them felt that a high level of corruption existed.

A high proportion of opposition supporters think the quality of health care in Hungary is low, and 10% of them called the destruction of democratic norms in Hungary as the country’s most serious problem. However, far fewer of them mentioned the migration of skilled labor aborad as a problem compared to Fidesz voters.

Interestingly, around 2-3% of supporters of the opposition coalition mentioned that we do not do enough to protect the environment and combat climate change, while 7-8% of Fidesz voters felt the same way. Similar proportions of both camps felt that pensions were too low, between 8-12%. They also agreed on the extent of societal differences between men and women, with 2-3% of them stating that the biggest problem today was that these differences were too great.

The poll also measured how much voters in each camp agreed to statements on a five-point scale. As to whether corruption had become much more significant since 2010 than before, political opposition supporters gave the statement 4.5 points, while Fidesz voters only scored it 2.3.

However, many among the latter group said that there was corruption in the country, but it was outweighed by the positive aspects of a Fidesz government. Pro-government voters gave 3.5 points to this statement on average, while it was only 2.7 for those identifying as opposition supporters. [Magyar Hang]

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