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No Trace of What Happened to Money That EU Provided to Hungary for Covid Testing, Says Ujhelyi

picture of István Ujhelyi

Hungarian MEP István Ujhelyi (pictured) said that the European Union has made significant funds available for the Hungarian government to provide reduced price or free coronavirus tests for travelers, but there’s no record of what happened to this money or even how much of it was used.

The MSZP politician held an online press conference yesterday where he announced that according to official information he received from the European Commission, Hungary had 900 million Ft. (US $2.84 million) available to use for travelers who require Covid testing.

Ujhelyi pointed out that when the European Parliament discussed creating a single EU coronavirus card system, a Hungarian MEP was one of the sponsors. The package also included budgeting €100 million ($113 million) for Member States to provide discounted or free tests to those impacted by travel restrictions due to coronavirus.

According to the Socialist MEP, the European Commission informed him that it had made €2.3 million available to Hungary from the EU framework plan, but the Hungarian government has not yet provided information on how much of this it has spent or on what items.

István Ujhelyi added that the committee had notified Member States of the funding possibility last June, concluded contracts at the end of July, and provided a 70% advance payment to all participating Member States.

The European Member of Parliament has asked Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to inform him how much the government requested from the available EU funds for testing, how many people have been given discounted or free tests, and how this was decided, as well as how the Cabinet used 500,000 rapid tests that were sent to Hungary from another grant line.

[Index][Photo: dr. István Ujhelyi / Facebook]

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