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Political Opposition Rolls Out Uniform Design and Slogan for Election Campaign

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One by one, opposition politicians began replacing their Facebook banner images yesterday with new versions that display a uniform design structure and slogan, “Legyen Magyarország mindannyiunké!” (“Hungary belongs to all of us!”).

Politicians Ferenc Gyurcsány, Bence Tordai, Bertalan Tóth, and Ágnes Kunhalmi all replaced their Facebook banner images with versions of the new design, which includes unified campaign colors and typeface. The logo of each party in the six-party coalition also appears in the images, along with the name of the opposition coalition itself, “Egységben Magyarországért” (“United for Hungary”).

Dialogue MP Bence Tordai’s Facebook banner image

Politicians from the six parties, after a long hiatus, stood together in public on January 5 to kick off the campaign and promote their petition drive to get 200,000 signatures for a two-part referendum on Fudan University.

Since the primary elections in the fall, discussions have taken place on, among other things, a joint candidate list, conducting the campaign, and other contentious issues that have come up.

[HVG][Cover image: Ágnes Kunhalmi / Facebook]

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