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Minister of Justice Files Charges Against “Devil’s Advocate,” Threatens Press That Repeat Claims

picture of Judit Varga

After the “Devil’s Advocate” Facebook page came to life again on Monday suggesting tantalizing details on Fidesz’s nominee for head of state Katalin Novák and Minister of Justice Judit Varga (pictured), the person in charge of the page responded again on Tuesday with rainbow flag emojis and another vaguely-worded message apparently directed at the Justice Minister.

there’s no shame in this in a normally-functioning society

dear Judit, your family already knows

-the “Devil’s Advocate” Facebook post read.

Varga chose to respond to the allegations on Tuesday in a Facebook post of her own:

Lying posts about me appeared yesterday and today on one of the Facebook pages connected with the opposition. The posts try to publicly humiliate me as a woman and mother with untrue allegations.

The minister claimed that the left was in such trouble that neither Christmas, nor families, nor being a woman pose an obstacle when it comes to spreading filth or smearing others.

All allegations concerning my person that appear on the Devil’s Advocate Facebook page are untrue, and I will be filing defamation charges against an unknown perpetrator. I will also take appropriate criminal and civil action against press outlets that perpetuate this lie.

-Judit Varga closed her post.

Following this, the Devil’s Advocate page then responded to the Justice Minister’s statement with yet another post filled with vaguely-worded allegations and closing with this statement:

As I promised, I’ll activate myself in the next few months. At the most suitable pace.

[Népszava][Photo: Judit Varga / Facebook]

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