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Mysterious “Devil’s Advocate” Reappears, Promises New Info Next Month

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“I’ll be activating myself in January,” starts the post on Facebook’s “Devil’s Advocate” page on Monday, which mentions Katalin Novák, outgoing minister and Fidesz’s nominee for head of state, and Justice Minister Judit Varga.

It was the Devil’s Advocate who blew up the sex scandal involving Zsolt Borkai, the former Fidesz mayor of Győr, in 2019. At that time, various allegations appeared on the site on an almost daily basis.

Since then, however, new posts have rarely appeared, the most recent being published in September by an unknown person.

Just this past October, two men were indicted as the person behind the page. The prosecution requested a fine for one of them and a suspended prison sentence for the other. The indictment states that one of the defendants was a male working as a lawyer, while his accomplice had been convicted of several crimes.

It was revealed that earlier police had suspected a certain Csaba Czeglédy as the person behind the Devil’s Advocate page. Czeglédy denied the allegation but said that he would be have been proud to be the mysterious poster. The case was transferred to the Szombathely District Court in mid-December due to a lack of jurisdiction.


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