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Závecz: Fidesz and Opposition Locked in Close Race

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Hungary’s ruling government parties and the united opposition enjoy nearly equal amounts of support, according to a recent poll by the ZRI Závecz Research Institute.

The poll shows the government coalition capturing 38% of the electorate, compared to 39% who support the joint opposition list.

The situation is not much different for likely voters who could only choose between the two lists. As the previous month also showed, in this case the opposition wins 49% of the vote compared to the pro-government list at 48%, meaning a tight race either way.

Both camps are confident that their side will win, but Fidesz-KDNP voters are more optimistic of the outcome: 97% of them believe they will win the elections, compared to 91% who support the opposition list.

Broken down by party, Fidesz once again leads the pack with 37% support from all eligible voters. The Democratic Coalition holds second place at 12%, while Jobbik stands at 10%.

Among parties in the single digits, MSZP is at 6% and Momentum gets 5%. LMP, Dialogue, and Our Homeland each have the support of 2% of the electorate, while the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dog Party stands at just 1%. Voters who don’t support any party made up 22% of respondents, revealed the Závecz poll.


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