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Péter Ungár Heads LMP’s Electoral Party List

picture of leaders from LMP

At its party congress over the weekend, LMP-Hungary’s Green Party elected officers and determined its electoral list for the Parliamentary elections next spring.

At the top of LMP’s list is Péter Ungár, Secretary of the National Presidency, while second place goes to Co-Chair Máté Kanász-Nagy.

Dr. László Lóránt Keresztes, head of LMP’s Parliamentary caucus, is third, while Bernadett Bakos, LMP representative in Budapest’s Kőbánya municipality, and István Ferenczi, a local representative in the Kispest municipality, make up the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.

In order to make their list as strong as possible, LMP decided not to include members who won their individual districts in the primary election. This means that Erzsébet Schmuck, Antal Csárdi, and Krisztina Hohn were left off the party’s electoral list and will each face off against a candidate from the government parties.

Opposition parties MSZP and Dialogue have also released their own electoral lists, but a final composition of the joint opposition electoral list likely won’t occur until the beginning of 2022.

[Index][Photo: LMP – Magyarország Zöld Pártja / Facebook]

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