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Donáth Thinks Opposition Should Pick Up the Pace With Campaigning

picture of Anna Donáth

The president of Momentum once again has some strong words for the six-party opposition and the campaign strategy of the joint prime ministerial candidate.

In an interview with the periodical Jelen, Anna Donáth told host Rita Benyó that there is a lot of work going on in the background, even if from the outside it appears that the opposition has taken it easy following the fall primary elections. She also said that the joint opposition campaign should not imitate Fidesz’s propaganda machine, in reference to Péter Márki-Zay’s migrant counter campaign.

The Momentum MEP’s current thoughts echo her comments to Telex shortly after she was elected as the party’s president, when she said that the opposition had “thrown the past month out the window” and also thought it wrong to mirror Fidesz’s terminology and enemy imagery.

Momentum insists on “restoring the rule of law within the rule of law framework,” she said, adding:

There’s a lot that can be solved with a simple majority. We need to focus on what is possible and not talk about what isn’t. On top of that, we should be doing everything we can to get a two-thirds majority. We just have to start, we really should be campaigning.

The Momentum president also responded to László Kövér’s leaked speech in front of senior intelligence officers, in which he said that the opposition was the biggest threat to national security. According to Donáth, the governing parties realize that they may lose this election, and Kövér’s words evoke the period of the darkest dictatorships.

The full interview can be viewed here (in Hungarian):


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