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Závecz: Opposition Just Barely Ahead of Fidesz

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A new Závecz Research poll shows that both the Fidesz and opposition camps have grown significantly in the past month, with the opposition barely ahead by a whisker.

While ruling party Fidesz had 34% support in October, it now stands at 37%. The Democratic Coalition (DK) is in second place with 12%, a point lower than its previous showing of 13%. The third strongest party remains Jobbik, but its support has fallen from the 11-12% range to just 9% now.

The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) is unchanged with 6% support from the total electorate, and Momentum moved slightly higher to 5% from a low point of 4%. Bringing up the rest, LMP, Dialogue, Our Country, and the Two-Tailed Dog Party are all at 2% support.

Those not supporting any party at all fell from 25% to 21% of the electorate.

November was a month of voter activism, with new supporters lined up behind the joint list of both the ruling Fidesz-KDNP and the joint opposition. The governing coalition increased its supporters by an estimated 300,000 voters and now stands at 39% support. This increase was disproportionately from voters with just an elementary education and from those in small towns.

The opposition also grew its voter base, expanding their camp from 39% to 41% in the past month alone with roughly 150,000 new supporters. This gain largely came from small and medium-sized cities, as well as from high school and college graduates.

However, the two camps are essentially tied when it comes to likely voters who have to choose between the two, with the united opposition getting 49% support and the government parties at 48%.


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