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Fidesz Keeping Mum on Kövér’s Leaked Speech

picture of István Hollik

It appears that Fidesz is trying hard to avoid the explosive story of Parliamentary Speaker László Kövér’s leaked speech to senior national security officials, and are instead laying into Péter Márki-Zay, reports Népszava.

Although the opposition is demanding the resignation of László Kövér after the Fidesz politician last year called them a threat to national security in a speech that was reported by investigative outlet Direkt36 yesterday morning, the party and the nation’s Prime Minister have so far stayed silent on the matter.

Not so with respect to Péter Márki-Zay, the united opposition’s candidate for prime minister, about whom Fidesz’s communications director said that “it would be good for the left to finally stop insulting the Hungarian people, even if there is a long tradition of this in the left-wing.”

In a video message, István Hollik (pictured) also mentioned that Márki-Zay had recently informed all Hungarians what he thought about the utility price cuts. “He said that if someone thinks that utility prices are too high, then they should consume less. He thinks the entire utility price cut issue is ridiculous, but this looks like just the tip of the iceberg,” stated the pro-government politician.

Finally, Hollik stressed that the left-wing prime ministerial candidate had recently called anyone who supported the utility price cuts and opposed immigration a “mushroom that’s fed manure and kept in the dark.”

“Our opinion is that no one can talk about 80% of Hungarians in this way,” said István Hollik, offering his own incautious estimate of his party’s support.


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